Lorde has often talked about her love of hip hop

canada goose clearance The clich getcanadagooseoutlet.com about millennials like Lorde is that they don’t see race; in reality, they’re negotiating the complexities of racial difference and appropriation every day, in the slang they use, the way they move their bodies, and most certainly, the music they make and love. Lorde has often talked about her love of hip hop, but she also cultivates a distance from it. That choice can be read in myriad ways: as a result of her perspective as a non American; as a critique of what Kanye West earlier this year dubbed the “new slavery” of mindless consumerism, often celebrated in mainstream rap and pop; or as a young upstart’s insensitive dismissal of what people born without the comfort she enjoys see as valuable.. canada goose clearance

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